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Trimlight permanent LED light system perfect for your home & business

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Your home is more than just a place to live.

It’s an extension of your lifestyle and personality.

Holiday Lighting

Highlight a great roof that has character and give it life.

Down Lighting

Highlights architectural features and gives added security.

Commercial Lighting

Appeal to your target customers and bolster your brand image!

Perfect For Any & Every Occasion










Game Day

How Does Trimlight Work?

Never fuss with putting lights up again!

Changing your outdoor lighting has never been this simple with the Trimlight app.


User friendly app, cutting edge technology.


Choose Any Color

Program millions of colors & animations.


Complete Customization

The combinations are endless.

Library of Holiday Settings

180 preset programs for ease of use.


Schedules & Timers

Built in calendar & timer functions.


Transitions & Effects

Customize patterns for any event.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

The Trimlight North Texas team made sure that my installation was smooth from start to finish!

David S.

Year-round security lighting was very important for me and Trimlight executed it perfectly.
Ivan R.

Charlene was extremely professional and quickly got our HOA to approve our installation in time for our wedding anniversary.

Rachel P.

Trimlight North Texas in Action!

Visit our YouTube channel to watch Trimlight North Texas in action. Here you’ll find tutorials, ideas, customer houses, and more.

About Trimlight North Texas


Trimlight North Texas is the designated leader in DFW for permanent LED lighting. Trimlight is the perfect year-round solution for accent lighting, downlighting, security lighting and holidays. Trimlight is discreet during the day and the system can be left up all year.

Choose any color and animate them with our dedicated app. Your home represents an extension of your lifestyle and personality. Make your home a true reflection of YOU.

Trimlight North Texas offers lighting solutions for patio covers, pergolas, gazebos, outdoor living spaces, fences, decks and pool areas – and businesses!

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